Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Hunt Item : Candy Cane

 ❋ Winter's Dark Hunt Stores & Hints ❋

  1. START LOCATION - Even the dead love candy!
  2. The Elegant Goth - I love eating something warm when it's so cold outside.
  3. Stone Misery - All those pretty flowers...
  4. Reliquia - An odd little mint for your pillow.
  5. Miss Jewell - On the third floor look for a kiss and get your gift.
  6. SKIP
  7. LC Designs - Hiding behind the feathers.
  8. SKIP
  9. Styles by Danielle - Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December, and each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor. Eagerly I sought the necklace; sought throughout the store. Quoth the raven "Nevermore".
  10. ArchiTech Designs -Through the gate to the winter walls, where you can walk, I lie beneath.
  11. United InshCon - Look under the Bridge
  12. Christmas Fair - Our gift made ​​to barrels
  13. Imagine Flowers and Garden - These trees belong in the enchanted forest...
  14. Love Zombie - These will keep your neck nice and meo-warm!
  15. SKIP
  16. SKIP
  17. Reverie - Hidden passageways hide all sorts of secrets
  18. Wasteland - It's the luck of the draw
  19. PB Designs - Winter Knits will keep you warm, we are a knit but where are we worn?
  20. Sweet Revolutions - Into the forest and down to the see, some warming flames you will see
  21. GEL - Look inside the furniture cage and find a wonderful gift to please your mind
  22. SKIP
  23. SKIP
  24. Circus Noir - Ohhh they are on Facebook too
  25. Moonstone - Hail Mary, full of Grace
  26. Kabuki Creations - I can't wait for winter to end I love the sun and sand at the Beach.
  27. Flash Friendly Poses - Maybe I'll see some birds while hanging here.
  28. Small World Furniture - Music to my ear
  29. Soulglitter Boutique - Candles brighten the darkness
  30. SKIP
  31. ISD - Yes, you can have a candy cane. Just get out of my hair, already!
  32. LaNoir Soleil Designs - Some days I wish I could move up in the world, then I'd be the shining star......
  33. Loordes of London - by the bargains
  34. SKIP
  35. Angelic Designs - Up around the corner ,keep your eyes on the snow , and who knows, you might be the one to take the candy home!
  36. SKIP
  37. Enchanted - Look for me in the dark storage area of the store,  can you find me?
  38. Deluxe Body Factory - Enlight yourself!
  39. WCI - Always dark here who knows what lurks in those shadows
  40. Redrum - "You are such a Dribbly Drooly Mess this time of year!"
  41. Prism - Lying on the Beach with  the Sunset at my back
  42. Witchy Cupcakez - bubbling cauldron
  43. Damn Cool Stuff - Follow the path through forest. You'll find me with the florist
  44. JesyDream - say me who is the most beautiful ?
  45. OMG! Inc. - Winter is dark, take time and do a Cross Word.

❋ Winter's Dark Hunt Sneak Peek Pics ❋